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One of my students had a breakthrough this week by transforming her energy/attitude about riding. When I asked her what she was doing differently since last week she said, "I am being more patient." By accepting this wisdom, she learned much more than just how to ride.

Jaclyn Sicoli

On Site

Jaclyn is available for lessons and training at Harkaway Farm in Poolesville, MD. The facility offers an oversized indoor and outdoor arena with well maintained footing, dust control, lighting, area, and a convenient trailer parking area. Trailer-in lessons are welcome. The on campus trail system and wash stalls are available to trailer-in customers as well. Please sign a release form prior to mounting. Please inquire for availability and rates for assistant trainers/instructors.

Single 45 Minute Session: $80, Single 30 Minute Session: $65

Off Site

Off campus POM students have seen steady results through our concentrated weekly sessions and homework. Jaclyn has a limited travel schedule for lessons and training. On a weekly basis Jaclyn will travel off campus 1 day per week for individual sessions as well as mini-clinics of multiple lessons at one location. Semi-private and small group lessons are a great way to split the travel fee. Coaching is available at local and regional shows. Please inquire for availability and rates for assistant trainers/instructors.

Single 45 Minute Session: $125

Schoolmaster Lessons

Come take a lesson on one of Jaclyn's safe, sound, and willing horses. Schoolmasters have competed through 3rd Level and above. If you are interested in multiple schoolmaster lessons per week or competition opportunities please inquire about lease options. Check our community page for a profile of each horse in training. Please allow 1.25 hours for your first session.

Single 45 Minute Session: $125

Partial Training

On campus we offer comprehensive training programs which will maximize your's and your horses's learning, fitness, competition readiness, and ride-ability. Within the training curriculum, we integrate cavaletti, long-lining, open field work, lunge-line sessions, stretching, and dressage test practice on a weekly basis. Horse's are cross trained to ensure versatile mental and physical development. Ring work should never get boring! Lessons and training sessions can be used interchangeably. Training fees are additional to boarding fees.

16 Sessions per month: $950, 12 Sessions per month: $765

Full Training

Our horses and riders have competed at Dressage at Devon, Regional Championships, earned USDF HOY and All-Breed Awards. In addition to these past accomplishments, many new programs now exist for juniors, amateurs, and developing horses to be recognized for their achievements. Maintain your horse's value, climb the training scale, and make the most out of your sport through our full training program. Sessions can be utilized as training, lessons, lunge-line lessons, long-lining, off-property training, and exposure/hacking for greenies. Every aspect of your's and your horse's training is addressed. This program is highly recommended for developing rider's seat/position, developing rider's confidence, learning new movements, competition readiness, and horses with behavior or fear issues. Jaclyn's commitment to a full time schedule includes weeknight and weekend availability and provides flexibility around your family, work, and holiday conflicts. Training fees are additional to boarding fees.

20 Sessions per month: $1050

Private Treaty Training and Sales

Jaclyn accepts top quality horses into this program on a limited basis. Depending on the goals of the owner for the horse, a unique training and finance program is developed. Typically the horse is campaigned in regional competitions or marketed for sale. If the horse is in a full training program with POM to be sold, regardless of who finds the buyer, commission is 10% of purchase price. Owner is responsible for all postage, advertising costs, etc. in regards to the promotion of the horse. Commission is 20% of purchase price if POM assists with sale for a horse while the horse is POM's in consignment program. Training fees are additional to boarding fees.

Starting Horses Undersaddle

A horse's first training experience influences their development for years to come. Jaclyn ensures that each horse learns to enjoy work, tack, and people. After starting dozens of horses undersaddle Jaclyn understands how to create a customized program for each individual while maintaining a basic format so that crucial turning points are reached with positive outcomes. Each horse's initial training focuses on safety, clarity of gaits, and relaxation. With progress, the horse is introduced to cavaletti, obstacles, and hacks. The building blocks of correct training will serve as the horse's foundation for future work in all disciplines. Our horses have been recognized for their achievements at the national and regional levels. Training fees are additional to boarding fees.

Full Training Program: $1050 Per Month


Please call (609) 651-6526 for an appointment.
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