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Sat May 9, 2015 9:00 am - Sun May 10, 5:00 pm

Nicholas Fyffe Clinic

We are looking forward to sharing a phenomenal educational event with you. On May 9th-10th we welcome International Competitor Nicholas Fyffe for an open 2 day dressage clinic. Believe me when I say there will be something for everyone. Nicholas brings enthusiasm and clarity to training at all levels, for every horse and rider, all breeds. Nicholas' system simplifies training methods and exercises so that both horse and rider understand and feel confident in their work. After spending a busy season competing and coaching in Wellington, Nicholas will bring his usual demand for accuracy along with, I am sure, new inspirations. We are fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Nicholas as his time is increasingly in demand here in the US as well as in Canada. Recently Nicholas was rewarded for outstanding harmony during competitions with several scores over 70%.

Riders can now reserve their sessions and send preferred ride times. All sessions will have exclusive use of our indoor arena which will be regularly maintained throughout the event. We will have 2-3 stalls available to trailer-in clients for the weekend available first come, first serve. Your horse will become one of our own for the weekend with all services available to them. Just bring their food. Trailer-in for $275* per 45 minute session. *Rates have increased according to Nicholas' fee schedule.

Nicholas explains his methods and directions clearly, you will be able to watch horses and riders transform. Visit with your barn buddies and friends in our lounge. Auditors are welcome and will enjoy a full lunch and beverages, a lunch speaker, seats indoors, and in the arena itself. Woodvale Boarders, all clinic riders, and volunteers audit for FREE. Outside auditors and guests enjoy full access for $30 per day or $50 for the weekend. Auditor groups of more than 2 people receive 10% discount.

Carol Havelka is confirmed to create instant DVDs of your ride. If you need a video for professional or learning purposes, I can highly recommend Carol. The quality of video and sound is fantastic. *Clinic sessions are for personal use only or seek Nicholas' permission. Contact Carol to confirm your interest via text 301-536-0805.

Ample and flat with plenty of room to turn around. You may park and leave your trailer for the weekend if needed.

Check Out Nicholas In Action:

Nicholas Teaching:
Fyffe reaching for the bit:
Fyffe canter walk transitions:
Fyffe pirouettes made easy:
Fyffe make it black and white:

Current Rider List
Linda & Fabuloso RC
Micah & DiVinci
Adrienne & Automagically
Lauren & Francois
Hailey & Vinny
Kellie K
Julie LC Galanton
Olivia Banyon ChaCha (stall)

Mimi & Summer
Paula & Fella
Kara & Herculeo H
Jennifer M
Adrienne & Automagically
Hailey & Vinny
Julie LC Galanton
Olivia Banyon ChaCha (stall)
*Waiting List: Elizabeth O, Marne Martin Tucker, Tiffany Hattler

Thank you for joining us for this special event. Let me know if you have any questions.

Jaclyn Sicoli
Owner and Trainer of Peace Of Mind Dressage at Woodvale Farms, Frederick, MD

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