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Mon Dec 21, 2015

This week we will have a slightly abbreviated training schedule to celebrate the holidays.  We hope you also take the time to be with your loved ones.  Luke, Hume, and I wish you and your family love and happiness.  Thank you for being an integral part of our barn family.  Be sure to share your candy canes with your horses, I think one of Santa’s elves left one on each stall.

Local News

The Tim Bourke clinic was a huge success!  Tim teaching style was encouraging and highly productive.  In only a few short days we gathered 10 horse and rider combinations.  3 of those were current POM students and 7 horses trailered in.

We need to thank our newest boarder, Tim Jones in many ways for making the event a success and giving Erin and Courtney the opportunity to train with Tim Bourke as well.

Based on the success of this event and the synergies between our teaching philosophies, we have decided to host Tim Bourke again on January 3rd.  The clinic is already half full.  So, get in two point position and register for your training session today. 

Perfect Gift “Marley”
2004 16.2H Thoroughbred Gelding
Tip Registration: 30003304
“Marley” has been there and done that.  His experience at dressage schooling shows, horse trials, and clinics, makes him the perfect candidate to show his next rider the ropes.  Marley is currently in a multidisciplinary full training program with a dressage focus.  Now schooling Second Level movements, Marley is ready to compete at First Level.  In September 2015 Marley competed at Training scoring 68%.  The judge remarked on his fabulous canter.  He is a favorite in our barn for his gentle demeanor and affectionate personality.
Current Video:

Sir Jungle Prince
2006 16.3H Black German Oldenburg Gelding
Sandro Hit x A Jungle Prince
A tall, handsome, and talented gelding we are just now offered for sale after 6 months in full training.  Our diverse program has legged him up in all of the right ways.  Sir Jungle Prince works hard to please, making every ride enjoyable and productive.  He has exceptional presence and is quickly developing strength in collection.  Currently working Second Level movements, we feel confident he will be ready to compete at Third Level in 2016.  Expressive gaits and an attractive self-carriage will make him a top level competitor.
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January 3rd
Tim Bourke Jumping Clinic

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