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Mon Jun 22, 2015

We had big weekend at PVDA’s Ride For Life competition.  I will try to summarize the outcomes and take some time to explain the significance of these results.

Micah designed her own freestyle music and choreography working through our lessons over the past week and performed live for the first time on Saturday earning a solid score and clearly having a blast.  Both Int-1 tests showed excellent improvements from the last show.  Both horse and rider looked happy to work with one another.

Mimi balanced daily volunteer efforts for the PVDA Ride For Life Benefit Raffle with riding and managing Summer’s travel anxieties.  Summer stayed healthy all weekend which was a huge improvement from the last show.  The warm up environments were less busy which also seems to help.  Mimi’s ride on Sunday, particularly, showed improved accuracy and harmony.  I am very proud of this pair’s commitment to the challenges at Second Level and can see the more advanced work has become more attainable.

I have been able to achieve and share some amazing milestones during this very unique and special time of my life, my first pregnancy. For supporting me and our POM Team, I have so many people to thank. This season Kara Schoepp’s Herculeo H helped me to earn my final score for entry into the USDF “r” judges program, as a life long believer in education and a nerd at heart, I am looking forward to continuing my advancement in the judge program. Having trained Hercules while sharing the ride with Kara since Training Level, I am particularly proud to have earned my final 65% at Fourth Level with him. After 2.5 years in our training program with his owner, Linda Gloweinka’s, Fabuloso RC, has also advanced from Training Level to Third Level earning 64% and 66% this weekend at PVDA’s PVDA Ride for Life winning his class on Sunday. Fabby has become a phenomenal show horse and partner for Linda. In order to meet many goals with these horses and others, I have been fortunate to have the generous help of several other trainers over the years, particularly, Nicholas Fyffe, who we will continue to host at Woodvale. Our bench is thick with the most dedicated riders, supportive clients, and productive staff, I could ever imagine, thank you ladies!  Our horses have been maintained for competition and kept happy and healthy by Dr Cooper Williams, Dr Jim Yanchunis, Farrier Dean Geis, Farrier Sara Snyder, massage therapist Courtney Tesoro Molino. Both Herc and Fabby have been princess in the peas for saddles and are well fitted now thanks to Cate Fiolka and Theresa Keyes with Cate & Theresa - Custom Saddlery -Maryland. Ride Times LLC found the most perfect stretchy and comfortable Amino jacket which has seen me to 6 months in style. Adrienne Wisenberg put the beautiful logo created by Saucy Piaffe onto our POM clothing, proud to wear Pierre Renard. Friends from near and far have sent me the most heart felt and hysterical (really) advice about being pregnant and continuing to ride or work or just survive. Women are truly a heroic bunch! Perhaps the person who should come to the top of the list, my husband, Luke MacDonald, who has been willing to flex in anyway possible (including doing my laundry) to ensure our life and the business roll along smoothly. He is going to be an incredible father and I am so proud of him.

Jaclyn & Hercules Fourth 1 58%
Jaclyn & Hercules Fourth 1 65%
Jaclyn & Fabuloso Third 1 64%
Jaclyn & Fabuloso Third 1 66%
Micah & DiVinci Int-1 63%
Micah & DiVinci Int-1 Freestyle 66%
Micah & DiVinci Int-1 58%
Mimi & Summer Second Level 3 60%
Mimi & Summer Second Level 3 57%

This year POM boarders can enjoy world class training and instruction from visiting clinician, Nicholas Fyffe.  These clinics are always a fantastic source of training tips and great food.  Additionally, we welcome talented horse and riders pairs who share their own journeys and training progress with the audience.
Nicholas Fyffe Confirmed Clinic Dates:
August 8th-9th
September 12th-13th

-Check your horse for loose shoes.  Farrier Dean Geis is visiting on Tuesday.
-Need a Coggins or updated vaccine?  Dr Megan Snyder is visiting Friday.
-Huge welcome to Micah’s new Haflinger, Alexandra SGH.  She arrives this week from TN.  We look forward to helping this pair develop up the levels.
-Welcome home Kara from Italy!

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