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Mon Jun 29, 2015

Lots of little bits of amazing news:  With a small break in shows I have been busy planning!  I planned a few new events and there is more to come.  This week an installation professional will begin mounting our new industrial strength fans into both barns.  POM purchased high powered, closed engine fans which were designed for barns and dust and moisture.  In order to ensure safety we have also purchased extra long power cords to avoid using extension cords entirely.  Our barns will be circulating this week and prepared for the intense heat of July and August.  We have also invested in biologic pest control.  Fly Predators are enroute to help naturally decrease the number of flies on the farm.  Woodvale owners, Joe and Candace, were happy to team up for this initiative so will be working together to treat the whole farm! 

Nicholas Fyffe Confirmed Clinic Dates:
This year POM boarders can enjoy world class training and instruction from visiting clinician, Nicholas Fyffe.  These clinics are always a fantastic source of training tips and great food.  Additionally, we welcome talented horse and riders pairs who share their own journeys and training progress with the audience.
August 8th-9th
September 12th-13th
Tucci Boot Fitting/Trial, Wine & Cheese, and Massages!
July 6th 3:00-5:00PM
Want to learn more about your feet, legs, some amazing boots, and relax at the same time?  Davide Canesso and Adrienne Wisenberg are coming directly to Woodvale for just this.  We will sample some great wines as well and might even get a masseuse!  These boots promise to offer the best in comfort and fit but there is no obligation to buy.  (Adrienne needs to practice fitting)  Join us!  RSVP with me.

-Shayonara left Sunday for her new home to become a mommy mare.  I could not have asked for a better home for her and can’t wait to see what babies she produces.  It was sad for me to say goodbye to her.  Shay’s kind demeanor and many big hopes and dreams go with her to NY.

We are active online via our own website and our professional Facebook Page.  Don’t forget to check in, look for updates about our program, pictures of our community, and tell us what else you would like to see here.  Because we work so hard to provide the highest quality training and care, your feedback is important to us.  Recommending our boarding or training programs is the best compliment you can make.
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July 1 Dr Jim for Della, Summer, Hercules, Parker, Fabby
July 6 Appt 5:45PM
July 18-22 Jackie Away
August 1 By Chance Show
August 8-9 Nicholas Fyffe Clinic
August 15-16 Quentin Show
August 28 Jackie Away
Aug 24-30 IAHLA Show
Sept 12-13 Nicholas Fyffe Clinic
Sept 19 Baby Shower
Sept 27 Peace Of Mind Dressage PVDA Schooling Show
Sept 29-Oct 4 Dressage At Devon
Oct 9-11 BLM Championships NJ
Oct 15-18 Region 1 Championships
Nov 5-8 US Dressage Finals

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