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Mon Jul 06, 2015

I hope you enjoyed the holiday weekend with friends and family.  Our ambitious crew has some new events and shows on the horizon.  We are getting organized for the August 1st Competition at By Chance and the August 15th-16th Competition in Western Pennsylvania.  Don’t forget our own show on September 27th, I am still cooking up some surprises to make the event unique.  We can’t wait to welcome the public to the farm! 

New Event Announcement!  Let me know today if you are interested.  Coming up on Saturday July 11th we have the opportunity to host Eiren Crawford for a 1-Day Clinic.  Eiren has experience training and competing in Europe over the past 7 years.  Having just returned from Europe and settling down in Upperco, Maryland, we became acquainted at the PVDA Ride For Life.  Eiren’s time spent training with Ingrid Klimke, Morten Thomsen, and Lars Petersen as well as training horses to Grand Prix makes this upcoming clinic an exciting one.  Please let me know of your interest in riding or having your horse ridden with Eiren on July 11th.

POM Boarders 45 Minute Session:  $150
Trailer-in 45 Minute Session: $175
POM Boarders Audit: $10
Outside Auditors: $30
*All participation includes lunch.  Volunteers and staff audit for FREE.

Visit Eiren’s Website for more information:

Nicholas Fyffe Confirmed Clinic Dates:
This year POM boarders can enjoy world class training and instruction from visiting clinician, Nicholas Fyffe.  These clinics are always a fantastic source of training tips and great food.  Additionally, we welcome talented horse and riders pairs who share their own journeys and training progress with the audience.

August 8th-9th
September 12th-13th

Tucci Boot Fitting/Trial, Wine & Cheese, and Massages!
July 6th 3:00-5:00PM
Hope you can make it today to help Adrienne practice fitting boots!  Want to learn more about your feet, legs, some amazing boots, and relax at the same time?  Davide Canesso and Adrienne Wisenberg are coming directly to Woodvale for just this.  We will sample some great wines as well and might even get a masseuse!  These boots promise to offer the best in comfort and fit but there is no obligation to buy. 

-Jackie is taking a short trip to FL from July 20th-23rd.  We can discuss schedules and plans prior to the trip and outline a program for each horse to stay in work during the trip.
-Val Frank of Bold Ventures is holding a Summer Camp from July 20th-24th.  The Camp will be conducted outside in decent weather.  In the case of poor weather the indoor arena will be used at 10:00am and 2:00PM only.  The indoor lessons should be small with no jumping.  If you have questions about scheduling your own riding or lessons during this time please let me know.
-Fecal Testing will be repeated on July 13th for all horses.  Current literature recommends testing horses 3-4 times per year during the heavy parasite breeding season which is spring-summer-fall. Remember that this procedure is limiting the cost and exposure of anti-parasite treatments and following the most current research for parasite control.  POM will collect samples and bring to lab.
-Bon Voyage to Kelly on her vacation this week.  Enjoy Kelly!
-Lesson Scheduling- please send Jackie your schedule each Sunday afternoon to be added to the program for the next week.
-Great news: Liz and Rasa are joining us for boarding in August.  We are excited to welcome them for boarding and training and look forward to making Woodvale feel like home.

We are active online via our own website and our professional Facebook Page.  Don’t forget to check in, look for updates about our program, pictures of our community, and tell us what else you would like to see here.  Because we work so hard to provide the highest quality training and care, your feedback is important to us.  Recommending our boarding or training programs is the best compliment you can make.
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