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Mon Jul 13, 2015

I am currently writing you from my basement.  It’s my new office!  Major home improvements are in progress again this weekend.  In addition, I have been busy updating our website and well you will see below.

But, I have to thank you all for a very inspiring week of training (last week).  There were a number of light bulb moments and milestones which I will never forget.  Fabby, only 7 years old, gave Linda, two beautiful flying changes.  Jane expertly navigated Della for their first counter canter and flying change.  SJ started jumping and thinks it’s very hard work.  Julee and Parker started shoulder-in.  All of your lessons were a joy to teach.  Thank you for bringing such tremendous effort and enthusiasm to your rides!

2009 15.2H Bay Andalusian Mare (Gurka x Hechicera CLV)
Expressive talent for the FEI.  Ambition and intelligence makes her a blast under saddle.  Currently schooling Second Level dressage.  Since she arrived from Canada, Ines has advanced through our program from her first days under saddle.  Lateral work comes most easily for her.  She is a steady expert at lunge-line lessons.  Ines willingly jumps and trots cavaletti. Bold and expressive canter. Ines is safe and easy to manage for hacks, bathing, clipping, trailering, and vaccines.

Ines’ Videos
June 2014
Jan 2014 Ines Long-lines
Oct 2013 3rd Day Undersaddle

La Sangria KLF
2006 15.3H Grey ANNCE Registered Andalusian Mare
Sangria is out of Guapa HA by Mulitiple-time National Champion Andalusian Stallion Santiago. At her first show Sangria earned an 8 for gaits and a 65% at Training Level, with glowing comments and adoration from the judge. Best suited to a riding and breeding home, Sangria has been prepared for sale with four months of professional training. Sangria is schooling First Level dressage, jumps, trail rides, and lunges. Having experienced an irregular training schedule for her earlier years, Sangria can be anxious and stubborn under saddle. With time and consistency, we hope Sangria’s talents are enjoyed and campaigned by a dedicated rider. In the barn and for handling Sangria is affectionate and well mannered. She is well acquainted with primping and braiding routines and enjoys the attention. Sangria has always been strong and healthy with excellent feet and no lameness issues. In preparation for sale, Sangria’s owner (and breeder) had a clinical pre-purchase and flexions completed by a performance veterinarian.

Sangria’s Video:

Sir Jungle Prince
2006 17H+ Black German Oldenburg Gelding
Sandro Hit/A Jungle Prince/Rubinstein
Loads of expression and power.  Loves to work.  Videos and photos coming soon of this big puppy dog. 

Book Now!  If you are interested in participating in the upcoming August Clinic with Nicholas Fyffe please let me know this week before we accept public interest.  Nicholas brings enthusiasm and clarity to training at all levels, for every horse and rider, all breeds.  Nicholas’ system simplifies training methods and exercises so that both horse and rider understand and feel confident in their work.  We are fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Nicholas as his time is increasingly in demand here in the US as well as in Canada.  Recently Nicholas was rewarded for outstanding harmony during competitions with several scores over 70%.

August 8th-9th
September 12th-13th

Check Out Nicholas In Action:

-Welcome Micah back from South East Asia.  Your FB pictures looked amazing and I am looking forward to hearing all about your trip.  Most importantly, what can we learn from riding elephants?
-Bon voyage Jane and Elissa on your trip home to Wales to visit family. 
-Good luck to Erin and Amber Snyder who are both competing in Pony Club Championships with their own self-trained horses.  We know you will make us proud girls.  Please send photos and updates.
-We can double time our schedule this week to make up for missed sessions next week while Jackie takes a short trip to FL.  Please email or text your availability for convenient scheduling.
-If your horse is seeing the farrier or massage therapist in the two weeks please drop off a check this week.

POM Staff Thank you!
Huge thanks to our amazing staff on their commitment to the care of POM horses.  Over the past several months we have worked hard to improve the chain of communication.  This month our efforts proved to be successful.  Our staff has smoothly navigated vacation coverage, weekly thunderstorms and tornado threats, new arrivals, and new equipment.  We can easily access the history of these changes in our barn log books to review and compare.  For example: we have exact dates for feed or turnout changes.  Our staff’s service does not begin and end during meal times.  Staff is working, sometimes very long days, from AM feeding to night check.  During this time they are topping off water buckets, delivering extra rations of hay, and turning on fans.  Every staff member is instructed to keep eyes and ears open at all times when surveying the barns throughout the day.  Their observations influence our routine and scheduling.  Thorough training here at POM as well as their previous education and experience has prevented accidents and facilitated advanced care.  Our staff is really in touch with the environment in the barns.  Everyone appreciates your diligence Erin H, Sarah H, Erin and Amber S, Lindsey G, Kelly C, and Katie G.

We are active online via our own website and our professional Facebook Page.  Don’t forget to check in, look for updates about our program, pictures of our community, and tell us what else you would like to see here.  Because we work so hard to provide the highest quality training and care, your feedback is important to us.  Recommending our boarding or training programs is the best compliment you can make.
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Through our partners, the POM community has the opportunity to get on the inside track with top quality grain, breeches, logo-products, and show attire.  Please ask about the following companies and what they have to offer:
POM looks forward to forging new partnerships for increased involvement in our on campus events sharing in POM’s audience for marketing opportunities.

Here’s the low down thanks to Mary Phelps:

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