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Mon Oct 06, 2014

My team made me super proud this weekend!

My favorite part of my job and one of my favorite things in life is to watch my students and horses blossom, advancing in their capabilities and understanding of dressage. This weekend, I saw brilliance in each one, making me so excited for the future and so proud of the present. Synergy, good luck, and tons of preparation made it possible for everyone to safely and happily be pushed to the limit of their own abilities in order to see what’s possible next. It’s a dream come true to have a hand in creating so much positive growth. And it takes a dreamer to believe that everyone can do it. Thank you Nicholas Fyffe for skillfully refining our practice. At any level, doing what you are doing to the best of your ability, is a truly awesome experience. Huge thanks to Mike and Angel Moxley Baldwin for the support and creating a functional and productive environment for our athletes. Thank you Micah Deligdish for your infectious energy and passion for riding. Thanks Sarah, Jamie Rees Brady Lambert and Jane for helping out wherever needed. Thanks to Mimi Mack, Jimmie Holotik Schramm, Jennifer Mutchler, Hailey Leishear, and more for your inspiring rides. Thank you Linda and Kara Schoepp for believing in your horses.  Thanks to Pierre Renard and Adrienne Wisenberg for the cool POM wear and returning Nicholas to the airport.

Well I finally caught up on a few hours of much needed sleep this morning.  The past 6 weeks have been a whirlwind.  We have accomplished so much at the new farm and establish a very comfortable routine as well.  I already received some feedback from a clinic participant:  “I had a great time at the clinic this weekend. Your barn and fields are beautiful! Not to mention, your staff. They were wonderful—caring and helpful.”  You all deserve to pat yourselves on the back for you willingness to work as a team and help make our vision a reality related to a higher standard of care.

This Tuesday from 2-5:00PM Ride Times LLC be available for saddle fittings, boot fittings, and they will be bringing their clothes truck with the best in equestrian wear.  Theresa and Cate carry splint boots, bridles, bits, and breeches.

Betsy Steiner joins us for POM’s Open House
Betsy’s teaching style combines form and functionality.  We are hoping to scratch our heads a bit during her visit as we probe our bodies and minds to sit differently and ride more effectively.  We are lucky to have secured this date with Betsy prior to her beginning next year’s USDF Adult Clinic Series which will undoubtedly full her schedule from 2015-2017.  This is a rare opportunity to learn from one of the world’s greatest experts on rider position.  For more on Betsy follow the links below:

Everyone wishing to audit or ride with Betsy must sign-up:

What is a Dressage Camp?
Saturday October 25th is a day of learning.  Some activities on the horse, some activities off the horse.  We have equine professional coming to teach you about various aspects of care and health.  In addition we will have a number of group lessons scheduled throughout the day.  Let us know if you would like to borrow a horse.  Lunch and dinner included in your ticket price.  Woodvale boarders receive a discount.  All participants must sign up in advance:

Nicholas Fyffe Clinic November 8th-9th
Book your spot for the next clinic.  Peer rider session: $225.

Happy Birthday (belated by one day) to our newest team member Sarah! 

Congratulations to Linda and starting retirement.  We look forward to seeing you more often at the barn.

Schooling Shows
November 2nd FADS

We are taking 4 horses to BLMs Championships in Lexington, VA on October 16th-19th.  Join us to spectate.  Wish us the best of luck.

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