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Mon Oct 20, 2014

I can see from my typos in recent emails, that I am getting a little busy and…tired.  But, a long and boring winter lies in front of us. So, let’s charge full speed ahead into another week of adventure.

Major congratulations to our BLM team on amazing results and remarkable team spirit.  Oh there was costume adjusting, borrowed clothing, rein-backs, and tons of support going around.  We had many firsts this weekend.  Two crucial levels were newly breached (Second and PSG) with the appropriate reverence and lessons learned.

At the final show of the season, the competition is stiff and the classes are large.  Congratulations to each of our competitors on their placings.

Jaclyn Sicoli and Fabuloso
12th place Second Level Senior B Championship Class

Mimi Mack and Summer Sinclair
Reserve Champion at Training Level Senior A Championship Class out of over 30 riders
6th Place at First Level Senior A Championship Class out of 27 riders
5th Place at First Level Test 2

Melissa Clegg and Rantaro
1st Place PSG Amateur
2nd Place PSG Amateur

Kara Schoepp and Herculeo H
2nd Place Second Level Test 1
3rd Place Second Level Test 3

Micah Deligdish and Mr Ripley
1st Place Second Level Test 1
2nd Place Second Level Test 1
2nd Place First Level Test 3


Betsy Steiner joins us for POM’s Open House
Betsy’s teaching style combines form and functionality.  We are hoping to scratch our heads a bit during her visit as we probe our bodies and minds to sit differently and ride more effectively.  We are lucky to have secured this date with Betsy prior to her beginning next year’s USDF Adult Clinic Series which will undoubtedly full her schedule from 2015-2017.  This is a rare opportunity to learn from one of the world’s greatest experts on rider position.  For more on Betsy follow the links below:

Everyone wishing to audit or ride with Betsy must sign-up:

What is a Dressage Camp?
Saturday October 25th is a day of learning.  Some activities on the horse, some activities off the horse.  We have equine professional coming to teach you about various aspects of care and health.  In addition we will have a number of group lessons scheduled throughout the day.  Let us know if you would like to borrow a horse.  Lunch and dinner included in your ticket price.  Woodvale boarders receive a discount.  All participants must sign up in advance:

Nicholas Fyffe Clinic Nov 8-9
A few spots are available for our next clinic with Nicholas.  Please submit your payment of $225 per riding session to reserve your spot.
Click here for a video of Nicholas Training in Canada:

Thank you Sarah for keeping watch over the farm while we were gone and handling all duties with calm and responsibility!

Have fun Mimi on your trip to Chicago!

Congratulations to Fabby and Hercules who both earned their double bridles over the past several months and were fitted for them over the weekend.  Thanks to Linda and Kara for giving me the opportunity to advance these horses in training.

Welcome home Randy on Tuesday.  We are all routing for you.

Thank you Micah AKA Might Mouse who doubled as rider and groom, making sure everyone went down centerline prepared and looking pretty all weekend!

We may have some new barn arrivals this week.  Look for mid-week announcements.

November 2nd FADS

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