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4 days Straight of Young Horse Training

Sun Nov 11, 2012

My last 4 days at the Young Dressage Horse Trainers Symposium (at Hassler Dressage) and Ulf Moeller Clinic (at GoodNess Ridge Farm) served as a condensed textbook of techniques and ideas for solving training issues and improving the horse’s gaits, balance, and connection.  The support of YDHTS program by the Malone’s and Scott and Susanne Hassler helps the US manage a system for developing horses to the Grand Prix.  It was an inspiration and I am fortunate to have been part of it.

Welcome Fabulouso!  Fabby is a 4 year old Andalusian who just arrived this Sunday from NJ.  Fabby has already competed at Training Level with great scores under a professional and junoir rider.  His willing attitude and comfortable gaits will surely make him a hot commodity on the sale market.

Milestone: First Show for Sunny.  Congratulations to Alix and Sunny for winning both of their classes at the Pleasant Ridge Farm Show yesterday.  Alix and Sunny also won high score of the day with a 72%. 

Congratulations to Kara and Hercules who worked through ‘Andalusian antics’ to achieve harmony and a score of 63% in First Level Test 2 at the Pleasant Ridge Farm show.

Results from BLM Championships in Lexington, VA

Sat Oct 20, 2012

After many lessons and competitions, Carolyn and Figaro found a whole other gear while warming up for their championship ride at BLMs.  Flying across the diagonal Fig’s front end started to float up.  Everyone on the rail said WOW.  One of Carolyn’s competitors, Jennifer, commented on the power of Fig’s Medium Trot, convinced that her horse didn’t have what it takes to get in the ribbons.  Jennifer finished 0.3 points ahead of Carolyn and Fig in sixth place but, what she didn’t know is that the Medium Trot has never been a strong point for this pair.  Carolyn said, “you can learn so much at a horse show” and the statement really resonated. 

Congratulations to Carolyn on her 7th place finish in the Third Level BLM Championship class and 6th place finish in Third Level 3.  The classes were large, the horse’s were fancy, and this pair came a long way this season!  Big thanks to Paul as well whose support and professional grooming skills helped to make it happen.

Sold- Odet finds the perfect home

Mon Oct 01, 2012

Congratulations to the FAMILY who purchased Odet. We are thrilled that this mare’s many talents will be appreciated in her roles as dressage diva and future hunt horse. We are confident that Odet will bring her patience and steady temperament to each job and that she will receive the best home and care we could have wished for in return. During Odet’s time with POM Dressage she went from schooling First Level to competing First Level through Third Level.  Odet went on long hacks and to jumping lessons at Persimmon Tree Farm.  Not matter what new movement or obstacle we presented to her, Odet never disappointed us, she was always 100% determined to get the job done.  Enjoy Odet, we will be on the look out for pony club pictures.

Carolyn Steppe Earns Two Bronze Medal Scores on Figaro

Sun Jul 29, 2012

During PVDA’s Summer Showdown Recognized Competition Maryland experienced some of it’s hottest weather of the year.  Despite temps over 100 degrees Carolyn and Figaro impressed judges at both Second Level and Third Level this weekend earning two scores of 64%.  Carolyn joined the POM Dressage Team two years ago while seeking with her draft cross mare, Allie.  Shortly after, Carolyn began taking lessons on Figaro and quickly fell in love with his personality.  Through lessons with Jaclyn, Carolyn began to learn to effect the horse’s balance and started moving up the levels with Figaro and Allie.  This summer their tests continue to improve as does Carolyn’s understanding of dressage.

Heather Mason is alternate for Pan American Games on Warsteiner

Sat Sep 17, 2011

Congratulations to my mentor, Heather Mason, and Warsteiner on their successful performances at Gladstone in the Prix St George and Intermediare 1 Pan American Games Qualifying classes. The pair placed 7th out of the best 16 horse and rider combinations in the US. This is a short-listed (alternate) position being that only the top four horses will likely make the trip to Mexico. Heather’s long record of success training horses and riders at every level of our sport is a constant source of inspiration.

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