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Della by DiVinci


  • Gender: Mare
  • Disciplines: Dressage
  • Training: 3rd Level
  • Born: 2003
  • Sire: DiVinci
  • Dam: Tanti Bacini
  • Height: 16.3 hands
  • Breed: Oldenburg
  • Breeder: Beth Sproule-Hansen

While Jaclyn was working for Beth Sproule-Hansen in Warwick, NY she fell in love with a hairy baby named Della.  Each day Jaclyn went to the field to feed the group of young horses she spent time scratching Della’s belly.  Even today at 10 years old this practice is one of Della’s favorite and she readily offers herself for a belly rub to anyone in scratching distance.  Jaclyn was attracted to Della’s brave and precocious nature.  Della was always the leader of the small herd.  When something wandered into their field she would approach it while all of the other babies ran away.  Della’s outgoing attitude and graceful movement were not forgotten and when Jaclyn moved to Princeton, NJ she returned to purchase her.  Jaclyn was adamant that she would be Della’s only rider and trainer.  Jaclyn introduced Della to every aspect of riding and the world.  The pair was successful from the start winning large classes at regional shows as well as all breed awards.  Jaclyn and Della received a 78% for their self-made First Level Freestyle, performing it at Regionals Championships and placing Third behind the queen of freestyles, Heather Mason on two different horses.  In 2010 they competed at Third Level with scores to 65%.  Della enjoys her work, moves freely forward, and never looks back home when heading out for a long trail ride.
In 2013 Della begins a new adventure with her new owner, Jane Dallimore.  For months Jane has enjoyed lessons on Della, remarking that she feels like she is floating and wearing a big smile during her rides.  Jane enjoyed Della’s forward movement and horse-anility.  As the pair began spending more time together it was clear they were fond of one another and while Jaclyn wasn’t looking to make a sale, she realized that it was time for Della to share her experience and talent with someone new.  Jane and Della share an enthusiasm for life and we wish them the best of luck and many years of happy trails together.

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