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Jean Capellari


"I sent my young horse, Beezie, to POM dressage and Jackie for some consistency and training as a 4 year old. Jackie and her assistant Courtney have been fantastic about keeping Beezie happy, safe and healthy while she is learning. They, along with the other assistant Erin and the rest of the POM barn staff, have all kept a close eye on my Beezie as she grows, improves, and is ridden consistently--which I truly appreciate b/c she was definitely not in the best shape when they took her on. With their collective experience and attention to detail, along with great access to support staff like top notch vets, farriers and options for things like bodywork and acupuncture, Beezie has improved by leaps and bounds, and now I'm taking schoolmaster lessons with Jackie in order to be up to snuff as Beezie's rider. I'm looking forward to partnering up with my young horse under the watchful eye of the POM professionals. "

About Jean

From 6th grade through high school, I worked at an Arabian breeding and show farm in exchange for lessons and learned I liked all aspects of farm management almost more than I liked those riding lessons. Throughout my time with horses, I have very much loved all aspects of caring for large (and small) animals, and haven't focused specifically on riding or competing. In my past, I have spent time working summer camps as riding staff/director in Western NC; working at a riding school and a small dressage farm, both down in AL; spent one season as a wrangler out in WY, and when I finally got a 'real day job', spent my earned money on a trail horse and trailer, which kept me happy riding trails in MI for 9y. Now that I have a young horse who was bred for a competition sort of life, I'm playing some catch up learning about what it takes to show and compete so we can get to work attending events as she matures. I plan to do what I can do at a level that keeps us both safe, and have some fun doing it!

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