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As owner and trainer of Peace Of Mind Dressage, Jaclyn has a purpose which she is passionate about. Every day she moves closer to understanding the dreams and goals of her students. Having the proper experience and credentials to meet these goals is, for Jaclyn, a minimum requirement of her responsibilities. Helping her students to define their goals clearly and progress toward them with vision and confidence is equally important.

In order to address the technical aspects of teaching and training Jaclyn spent years studying with Grand Prix dressage trainers, training horses from scratch, judging, and competing. Her education on all aspects of riding and horse care began at age 10 with serious dedication and continues to today. Jaclyn attends symposiums, clinics, lessons, and workshops regularly and with an open mind, adding to her toolbox and bringing energy and inspiration back home. In the last three years Jaclyn has participated in clinics with Lars Peterson, Bent Jensen, Linda Zang, Scott Hassler, Dr Jenny Susser and attended many other educational seminars and events. In 2013 alone Jaclyn rode with Kathy Connelly, Nicholas Fyffe, Lauren Sprieser, and Shannon Dueck.

Jaclyn spent several years working full time with Heather Mason at Flying Change Farm in NJ. During this time, Jaclyn started and trained many young horses up the levels. Flying Change operates at a bristling pace with horses of all ages and levels learning and competing. In 2009, for example, Jaclyn competed on nearly 15 different horses in one season at every level from Intro to Intermediare and she never went off course! This breadth of experience solidified Jaclyn's confidence in her own training abilities and taught her to believe in the possibilities of each horse and rider to succeed in dressage.

Bringing the best and most relevant methods to her work is still a priority. This training extends beyond dressage training to Jaclyn's avid consumption of psychology, yoga, self-help, meditation, and LIFE! Balance in life and riding are strongly connected as are our abilities to manage busy schedules and find a peace and self-awareness with our horses. It's why we are here and why it's so important to enjoy your hobby to the fullest.

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Fabuloso RC by Saltador ORO1

Herculeo H

Shayonara by Shakespeare RSF


Summer Sinclair by Sir Sinclair

Ines by Gurka

Super Talented One of a Kind Spanish Mare

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