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About Courtney

Courtney has laid a strong basic foundation while training her own horse, Picasso, who she has worked with for the last 7 years, starting at age 3. Over the past few years Courtney has balanced a busy school and work schedule with teaching and training...still her results have been excellent. Currently, Courtney and Picasso are straightening out the flying changes (literally), adding bend to the half-passes, and developing strength and self-carriage for the medium paces. This pair is nearly prepared to earn their USDF Bronze Medals scores. This is in addition to Courtney's progress and experience in eventing which she will continue going forward. Courtney is a recent graduate from the University of Maryland with a degree in Agriculture Science and Technology and Secondary Science Education. Courtney and Picasso have competed to First Level dressage and Novice Level eventing. Courtney was a favorite instructor at Reddemeade Farm and came with high recommendations for work teaching, training, and handling sales. Courtney has experience working with Stephen Bradley and Jimmy Woford and brings an enthusiasm for top quality horsemanship and equitation.

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