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PVDA Ride For Life Benefit Competition

by Jaclyn Sicoli

Peace of Mind Dressage Owner and President

Mon Jun 23, 2014

Team Spirit

We had a very busy weekend at the PVDA Ride For Life Show with 6 tests completed and 4 horses ridden prior to 11:00AM on both days. 6 horses competed over the course of the weekend. I am super proud of our individual improvements, wins, and team spirit. Everyone supported each other, lending a hand where needing and cheering on their team members. We had some challenges with Figaro and Summer not feeling 100%, traffic on Friday, and a flat tire on Sunday but it was still one of my favorite competitive experiences. "Twilight Sparkle", proved herself to be a successful mascot bringing powerful positive purple energy to the event. Dessert at Carrabbas was the perfect finish to each long day.

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