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PVDA hosts 2014 USDF Adult Clinic and Hilda Gurney

by Jaclyn Sicoli

Peace of Mind Dressage Owner and President

Fri Apr 18, 2014


Hilda Gurney is an inspiration, now in her 70s, Hilda rides 20 horses per day and shared many helpful training strategies with the riders and audience at PVDA's USDF Adult Clinic. Just a few Hilda-isms:
1) I will never be as a good a rider as I could be.
2) The horse is on the forehand when the angle of the front legs points backward.
3) Your horse is confirmed in the flying changes when he uses them against you.
4) It takes schooling 900 flying changes to make 10 good ones.
5) The horse needs to be supported in the connection to come thru their body with power.
6) Riders should practice being elastic at all points of their arms simultaneously.
7) The half-pass should begin in shoulder-fore.
8) The tempo of the piaffe is quicker and the rider should sit slightly forward and lighter, using alternate leg aids. In the passage the rider should sit back and squeeze both legs.

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