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by Jaclyn Sicoli

Peace of Mind Dressage Owner and President

Sun Aug 10, 2014

What it means to be part of a team.

This week in particular, I was reminded of what it means to be a team. A team is a group of animals (yes we are!) united to pull a cart, to perform a joint action, and to compete in a game. The team shares a mission and each member of the team is responsible for contributing to it. On our team, sometimes we do more and sometimes we do less. But, no matter the size of our individual contribution we always see the bigger picture, we see that we are part of a team. The collective energy, support, and advice gives life to our membership and makes our mission possible. Similar to establishing the connection while riding, our team, requires constant circulation from member to member, just as we and the horse share contact. Thank you for being part of our team. Our collective interest in learning, care for our horses, and support for one another makes dressage as a hobby or profession, possible.

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