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The little-big boy found his match.

by Jaclyn Sicoli

Peace of Mind Dressage Owner and President

Sun Jan 05, 2014

Recently we received an update from POM's first sale.

In 2004 I was working for Beth Sproule in Warwick, NY. She called me up in the middle of the night to come witness the birth of a foal. If I remember correctly, the mare was a maiden, her name was Ariel by Kyra Kyrkland's stallion, Master. Beth had years of experience breeding and I was on my toes trying to be helpful when an enormous tangle of legs was born. This little boy was very awkward, in a beautiful way. He had extremely long legs and floppy ears which pointed side-ways. Over the next 6 months his shy and gentle manner won the heart of my good friend, who was also a working student there at the time, and she bought him and eventually he moved away.

Years later I was working for Heather Mason when I got another call about this little boy. His owner was in tears, explaining how things had changed, and she couldn't afford to train and keep him. By this time, I was busy training and sometimes selling youngsters at Heather's so I bought him and he moved into her NJ training facility. At barely 5'3'' this now 17.2H baby horse was not my match, I knew I would need to find another home for him. But, he was still a bundle of legs, with little strength. He seemed to burn energy just standing up, and was very slow and quiet to ride. Luckily, he was still sweet and gentle so he learned everything quickly, I took him to one schooling show at training level, scored in the 70s, and offered him for sale. His ears still stood on side-ways and riding him was like moving a mountain. I knew any buyer would need patience and foresight to dream about the horse he could become.

Recently, Kasey Rowe, contacted me with an update on the little-big boy. His success has exceeded my expectations having competing at Third Level in 2013 and maturing into a magnificent big-big boy now at 18.1H! Kasey matches him perfectly in every way. I was not surprised to hear that he is a generous partner with a big heart. He is the bay horse in my profile picture, one of POM's first sales. He must have always had Kasey's name on his heart and I am so proud (and emotional) that I helped connect them. Thank you Kasey for believing in him and taking him as far as he can go.

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