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POM Holiday Party

by Jaclyn Sicoli

Peace of Mind Dressage Owner and President

Sat Dec 07, 2013

Team POM Dressage

I can't imagine a better team to wear our newest item, the POM Dressage show aprons. Recently I considered what ingredients make up a successful team. While dividing my time between field hockey, volleyball, political action groups, GMO boards and the stable, I have been a member of many different teams. The best teams had strong leadership, shared common interests/goals, and were willing to work together and support one another to achieve success. As our POM team spirit continues to develop I see an additional advantage that we bring to the show...we all have different levels of experience and different strengths which can be harnessed together to create tremendous success. I lament that many of my past equestrians teams were not very effective at appreciating the group dynamic, many members of the "team" were only focused on themselves. What a tremendous opportunity we have to be different, to be the best!

Last night I recognized 5 riders who have been part of POM Dressage for at least 2 years, some close to 4 years. Thank you Marguerite, Suzanne, Mimi, Carolyn, and Kara for sharing your journey with me. You all have taught me so much about life, horses, and leadership. For me, the opportunity to watch you all grow in your horsemanship is HUGE!

Thank you for the very thoughtful and useful gifts. Can't wait to get all geared up for show season 2014!

And thank you for contributing wine and desserts to our wonderful evening...we have lots of leftovers ; ).

What's next? I am looking at dates in February to have a strategic planning meeting for show season 2014. This year I am personally going to focus on achieving higher with fewer goals. Shay and I want to kick some butt!

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