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Pushing Buttons at the Lendon Gray Clinic

by Jaclyn Sicoli

Peace of Mind Dressage Owner and President

Sun Nov 04, 2012

Thoughts from Team EnGaged's Lendon Gray Clinic at GoodNess Ridge Farm on November 6, 2012

Saturday's clinic with Lendon Gray was a great reminder that riding and training needs to be adaptive and creative. While we will always adhere to certain foundational training techniques and exercises we also need to be prepared to try something new. Lendon favored doing exercises that the horses liked and riders felt were helpful to solve problems and train positive habits. Her mind worked quickly to find solutions for the many different ponies and horses over the course of the weekend. Each rider was encouraged to approach the limit of their abilities and then return to something less demanding to give the horse time to digest and gain confidence.

For those of you attending it may have also provided insight into my own journey with Della. One that has been highlighted by national success at a young age and plagued with curious physical issues, but not lamenesses. Our story isn't unique for it's ups and downs and allows me to speak from experience with regard to the lack of control and predictability in this sport. I can also speak to the invaluable lessons about life and training that I have learned from this one horse. Lessons that help me teach all of you and make me want to forge ahead despite the possibility of failure and injury.

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