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Introduction to Germany

by Jaclyn Sicoli

Peace of Mind Dressage Owner and President

Sat Aug 13, 2011

My first few days in Germany to spectate the World Young Horse Championships

Bremen in a breath (or two)...huge windmill...malaysian curry...Schnoor gardens...drunk rugby...long barges carrying sand...parking on sidewalks...several wrong turns and beers for a Euro 50. After realizing that my fellow travelers were stranded in DC awaiting passing storms, I stowed my luggage in a locker at the main train station and took out in dress and on foot to see the city. Lorie, a 22 year old German with one American parent was my first tour guide. She got me over the initial alone in big city trepidation and onto the tram with a friendly but shy smile and very good English.

Galleries and fashion boutiques lined the street side of a long park akin to our emerald necklace. This apparently was the city's small park. A lovely green waterway and even larger forest bring quite a bit of nature to this cheerful and lazy city. I wandered aimlessly for hours. Finding it impossible to find myself or any street I was on, on my map ; ). The delights of wandering around included the freedom to carry and drink a beer (or four) while doing so and the company of many drunk and playful futbol fans on the way to a game.

The mare show today deserves an on crack (or high on Hanoverians) version. My lack of alacrity and swaying torso won't do the horses or my fascination with them any justice at all. The mare who won was noted and scribbled into the show program by yours truly as OMG. So at least I know how to pick them. She was a fairly thick but very flashy chestnut. Breeding: Desperados x Laura (Lauries Crusador) De Niro and Dancier offspring tore it up.

The World Young Horse Championships starts tomorrow. Friday and Saturday include some very important and exciting trips and new beginnings as my networking has paved the way into Germany's (and the world's) best dressage secrets.

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