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About Peace of Mind Dressage

Lessons and Training
POM offers dressage training through FEI, schoolmaster lessons, lunge-line lessons, and competition coaching with our head trainer, Jaclyn Sicoli. Jaclyn puts her heart and soul into every session. She accesses years of experience, training, and personal philosophy to meet each horse and rider in the moment to help them advance with understanding and finesse. Teaching and training are passions Jaclyn has developed into professional skills over a lifetime of working with horses and riders. POM is also growing it's basic horsemanship instruction program with other talented on-campus trainers who have backgrounds in eventing, equitation, and teaching riders of all ages.

Horse Sales
While managing sales for POM and before that, Flying Change Farm, Jaclyn has amassed 15 years of information and contacts to assist in the process of buying or selling horses. Jaclyn's evaluations match partnerships based on a talent, goals, chemistry, and budget. In order to ensure that each sale is successful, Jaclyn conducts research on professional status, bloodlines, and soundness history.

Jaclyn graduated from the USDF "L" Program with distinction and has been a practicing judge for several years. Recently Jaclyn earned her final qualifying performance scores to enroll in the USDF 'r' Judges Program. These scores of 65% and higher at Fourth Level and PSG were earned through years of progressive training on a self-trained horse.

POM offers clinics, dressage camps, seminars, and schooling shows. The goal is to consistently offer the highest quality educational opportunities which will enhance enjoyment and community on campus.


Please call (609) 651-6526 for an appointment.

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